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A Fun Virtual Dice App for Teachers and Students alike, that will engage and entertain.

This virtual dice app can be used for classroom games, help understanding of addition, subtraction, positive and negative numbers, or probability.

The complete set includes single, double, triple and positive / negative dice. The dice rolling sound effect can be turned on or off depending on the situation they are being used in.

Many teachers find it useful to display the app on an interactive whiteboard, using the built in app mirroring functionality available on the iPhone4S and iPad2 or later devices. Please see our help section for information on how to configure this functionality.

There is a feedback form in the app where users can report any bugs or make suggestions as to how it could be improved.

If you like the app please leave a review by tapping on the “Rate” button in the app, if you think it can be improved, please tap on the “Contact Us” button in the app. We will always reply and try and fix bugs or include features users request.

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