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This Fun Classroom App allows the Teacher (or responsible adult) to take on the role of a Quiz Question Master or Game Show host, with the class/students taking on the role of the contestants.

The class/students are divided into two teams. They are presented with quizzes and questions that the teacher has already entered into the app. The teams compete against each other to win the quiz. The winners are the team who get the most questions correct from any particular quiz. A quiz can consist of up to 10 questions and the lite version of the app is limited to 3 quizzes, although quizzes can be added or deleted at any time.

The contestants (students/class) are presented with the question on the screen. They provide the answer and then the teacher either taps on the correct or incorrect button. Their scores are recorded graphically on the scoreboard in the App.

Background music, sound effects and animation all combine to bring this app to life in the classroom.

Students and Teachers will really enjoy the learning experience with this innovative app.

We have worked hard to make sure this app is the best it can be, but if you find any bugs or have any suggestions as to how it can be improved please use the contact form built into the app.

Your comments will get emailed directly to the developers, and you will receive a timely response.

For those of you who want more features there is also a “Pro” version of the app available with 5 extra features, unlimited quizzes and no Ads.

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